Spex Pistols

Nestled in Dundee's West Port, independent eyewear boutique Spex Pistols are known for their outstanding customer service and unique range of vintage, one-off and designer frames. We have developed their identity as they have grown over the years and now created a new online shopfront.

As well as designing and building the new website we also created a system for the capturing and cataloguing of their products to help streamline the whole process.

Grid of photos showing vintage spectacle frames, models dressed in vintage clothing and the Spex Pistols shop front.
Black and white Spex Pistols logo.
Gold circular logo on glass door.
Black and white roundel Spex Pistols logo.
Cursive type logo for Land O'Spex.
Spray painted woman on wall featuring Land O'Spex logo.
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery