Large in-your-face graphics you can’t miss, also known as supergraphics have become one of our favourite visual design tools over the years, especially when transforming physical spaces. We've put together a few of our favourites for you to explore.

Woman with trolley bag walks past huge 'hello' in giant letters in a shopping centre corridor.
Vibrant space with a 1970s shopping centre. Lettering blocks line the walls with printing tables in the space.
Exterior of the Keiller Centre in the sunshine with freshly painted white exterior, luminous green shapes and black branding for the Dundee Design Festival 2019.
Exterior of the Keiller Centre shopping centre on a grey day.
Angled dark stripes and light blue shapes on an ornate staircase.
Yellow circle Fleet Collective logo sits over light blue and dark blue stripes on a wall.
Angled blue sripe bounces up a wall on a staircase.
Two women stand behind a bench in a room filled with vibrant graphic shapes.
A barrel wall feature character faces.
Close up of graphics on a wall and a giant frawn.
Wide view of a plant on a black wooden floor with blue and purple angular graphics behind.
Matt black breakfast bar with three stools and a pink wall behind.
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery